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Focus Teams – Monitor Trends – Make Smarter Decisions

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Schedule and Automate

350+ Predefined Reports

70+ Integrations

Your Real-Time Business Console

Know your data and take control. From live website traffic. Key subscription metrics to help you identify opportunities, reduce churn, optimize pricing, and grow your subscription business.

Business Console

Free SEO Report

Free SEO Report

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The Only Add-On You’ll Ever Need

Our FREE Cloud Data Integrator app will help you collect and use business data. Create and share insights with your teams and automate reporting

See The Big Picture

Gather all information across your multi-channel SEO, PPC, Sales and Marketing Platforms

Data Analytics

60+ Integrations
200+ Templates
Get More Value out of your Cloud Data

Automated Updates

Stop wasting time looking at spreadsheets. Estamos.In will constantly monitor data changes for you.

Finance Analytics

Combine SEO, Paid Advertising, Social, Sales data to optimize Marketing Performance for more clicks, more leads and conversions. 

Cross-Channel Templates

Professional reports for you to use, with us you will never strat from scratch or spend time joining data

Offer Team Updates

Motivate Teams, Focus your staff on business KPIs and communicated company goals to departments

Google Sheets Integration

Convert any Google Sheets document to a dashboard or PDF report and display it on Office TC, client portal, intranet website or send by email.

This is free add-on and a feature of any plan.

Load Proprietary Data

Combine with any data source. Use any visualization. Estamos.In can monitor changes ina Google Sheets Cell and automatically build a graph of historical changes in a dashboard.

Google Sheets Integration

"This add-on included with every CRM Package made the difference on how we invest on media. Now we know exactly how our ad spend converts to visits, leads and online purchases"

– Ali Sayed

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